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Refresh page buttonReset your browser cache:

Click the refresh page button next to the website address bar. If the issue is still occurring hold down the shift key and click the refresh button at the same time, this will clear all your recently cached content and re-load the page.

For more information on specific browser please click the link below.


If this does not resolve the issue, please contact customer services and they will be able to take your order over the phone +44 (0)1590 613490. Monday - Thursday 8.45am - 5.15pm Friday 8.45am - 5.00pm

To help us resolve recurring issues, if you encounter a problem, please take a screen shot of the error (press print screen button on your keyboard on a PC) (for Mac hold down shift, cmd and 4) and email us the screen shot along with what browser and browser version you are using. Email us on: happyhair@tintsofnature.com

Take a screen shot on mac or pc

Is text disappearing or being cropped off?

In some older browsers text could be cropped off when the view settings have been changed on your web browser. You can reset the text zoom in your browser by pressing ctrl + 0 on your keyboard.

Or see more information here: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/portal/articles/506736-browser-zoom

Is the text to small on your screen?

You can enlarge or reduce the text size in your web browser by holding the 'ctrl' key and tapping '+' or '-' on your keyboard. Adjust the text size until you can read it comfortably. To reset the text size, hold down 'ctrl' and the number 0.

Finding products on our website:Finding products on our website:

The easiest way to find a product is by using the 'Buy Online' menu at the top of every page. Simply hover your mouse over this to reveal all the shop categories. All our products and offers are within these categories.

Cant find what you're looking for?

Use the search field at the top right on your screen.

Want to view all our products on one page?

Simply click the 'Buy Online' on the top menu then select 'all' from the 'Show per page' dropdown menu.


Write a product review:

Would you like to write a review of a specific product?

First log-in to your account. You can log-in or register with the links at the top of every page or under the reviews section.

Once you are logged-in, navigate to the product you want to review, then click either 'Be the first to review this product' or 'Add Your Review'.

Enter your rating for this product and enter your review in the form fields. Click 'Submit Review' when you are done.

Sign up for our newsletter

Sign up for our newsletter:

Simply add your email address to theform at the bottom of every page.

I have not received my sign up email

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to see an email you are expecting.

Spam filters 
The most likely reason you can't see the email is because it’s in your spam folder.

Your email software will likely have a junk mail folder. If you have one, look in this folder to see if the email is there.

To prevent future email from ‘tintsofnature.com going into your Junk mail folder, add ‘happyhair@tintsofnature.com to your email address book.

Many modern email systems have a link at the top of the email which may be marked as spam. To ensure future emails are not marked as spam you can specify an email 'is not spam'. If your email system has this link, click it to allow all future emails from that sender to go straight to your inbox.

Existing email filters
You may have an existing email filter which has filled an email elsewhere. Search all your emails for ‘happyhair@tintsofnature.com to try to find it.

Your email software may be offline
If you receive email through software on your computer instead of through a web browser, your software may be offline.  Instructions to bring your mailbox online differ depending on which email software you are using.

For Outlook:
Go to the File menu,  
If there is a tick next to Work Offline, click on it to remove the tick 

For Mac Mail:
Go to Mailbox menu
Click 'Take all accounts online'

I have had problems providing payment

When placing an order online, you should avoid doing the following as they could cause problems with you order.

Only click the 'Pay Now' button once.
Sometimes there can be a delay while the order is being processed. Clicking the 'Pay Now' button again could result in multiple orders being placed.

Don't click the browser 'Back' button.
The Payment process is a secure process, which can be interrupted by clicking the back button. This could cause the page to load incorrectly or the information you entered may be lost.

If you want to go back to a previous section of the checkout, rather click the heading for that section.
If you encounter any other error messages, please contact customer services and they will be happy to take your order over the phone.
+44 01590 613 490